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You will be amazed at the stories we discovered.


Each book is designed, researched, and produced to provide an entertaining and informative guide to the landscape over which you travel. We look far and wide for fascinating stories about your route’s natural and cultural resources.

Our authors are experienced interpreters who work with other local and regional experts to bring you concise and accurate accounts and images of these wonderful lands and their history and people.

Each guide interprets the landscape with text, maps, and images, in your direction of travel, for the typical direct commercial jet route between two points. Each route is divided into chapters, with each chapter containing a selection of place-based stories, each with its own image, all selected for interest and diversity.

Images vary from beautiful aerials in your direction of flight (but closer!), to historic and contemporary photos and artistic interpretations. You can pick up the book anytime and find your general location based on map annotations for typical time elapsed since takeoff.

Whether sharing with kids or exploring on your own, your flight will never be dull with a Jetway Geographer guide. We hope you enjoy our guides as much as we enjoy creating them!

BREAKING NEWS!! - We at Jetway Geographer have launched a Kickstarter project to fund the transition to high-volume airline routes - please support the effort by becoming a backer, liking the project on Facebook, and/or passing the link on to others. Thanks!